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Workshop – Franchise or License Your Services

Why sign up?


GrowthWithin a matter of weeks you can get your business on a sustainable growth path by licensing or franchising your services. As you sell each licence or franchise you add another sales channel.

OpportunitiesIn the longer run you can not only increase your revenue but greatly increase the value of your business – which will make a huge difference when you come to sell it.

Join UsYou can work at your own pace and in your own time while at the same time being fully supported.

MoneyThis way costs so much less when compared with using conventional bespoke consultancy but at the same time you have access to specialist advice and guidance and can always take a one-to-one session if you really need it.

What do you get?

The workshop works in a very similar way to an on-line training course with step by step content to show you the why what and how EXCEPT you are in control.

In addition to the specialist content you have access to our on-line forum where you can find answers to your questions and post questions if you can’t find what you want. You are doing your own thing but you are not alone.

How does it work?

it’s simple. You sign up and pay for the workshop on-line here. You then get redirected to page where you can register your details for support purposes and from there to another page where you can work your way through the workshop one page at a time. You can log out and log in again any time you like as you work your way through.

In summary

This on-line workshop serves as an introduction to what you have to do to franchise or license your services. It helps you understand what is involved and to decide whether or not to go ahead, including the identification of which services to work on. It takes you through a step by step development of a series of things that you need to build your licensing scheme of franchise. Lastly, it provides you with a basic road map or implementation plan if you want to undertake the work yourself.

Replico – The home of Business Replication

Replico - Business Replication

Replicate your Company

If you had a replica of your business (or part of it) run by someone else and you got 10% of their profits that might not get you excited but with 10 replicas you would double your profits and with 100 replicas or 200 replicas you'd get.. Well you get the idea.

Most successful business can be replicated and we know how to do it for you. Franchising and licensing are two popular options but there are others.

On the other side of the coin, buying a replica of a winning business formula (such as a franchise or licence) is a smart way to get a business of your own up and running fast. We can help you avoid the traps and pitfalls so you make a good buying decision.


If you are interested the potential of franchising your business. Where do you even begin? Carl is where I would start. Friendly professional well connected. If you are looking for advice on the future of your business then I highly recommend.
John King - Director Corporate Finance at Abridge Capital International Ltd
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